People Interaction

The robot interact with people through their functions including conversation making.


The robot entertainment features including dancing, singing, and daily life conversation.

Presentation Platform

The presentation platform includes robot and presentation screen. The robot making a presentation while the screen shows the information at the same time

Market Segmentation

Nao in industry

Education Sector

The robot has been used as a teaching assistant in many countries. The teacher can set the order in advance through the computer or tablet. The robot assists the teachers in gestures exercise, basic flexibility exercise, and other entertainment activities which also help enhance conversation skills of children.

Nao in industry

Healthcare Sector

Help to relieve patients stress and the elderly as well, by provide entertainment, chatting, telling stories and exercising outside of the hospital. The robot also coordinate between the staffs within the hospital or clinic to enhance the time consuming of the staffs.

Nao in industry

Retails Sector

The robot provides the product details, advertising, promotions, and product recommendations to meet the demand of customers. Create entertainment to attract more customers to enter the store. Enhance customer satisfaction.

Nao in industry

Hotel and Condominium

Ability to make a conversation in multiple languages makes Nao a good receptionist in a place full of foreigners, such as hotel, condominium or tourist attraction. Also providing information about the location, automatic check-in and interactive dialogue to meet with tourist satisfaction.