True Robotics platform
We Provide Many Features. You Can Use You can explore the features. That we provide with fun and have their functions each feature.
Our services
We provide to you the best choiches for you. Adjust it to your health needs and make sure your undergo treatment with our highly qualified doctors you can consult with which type of service is suitabe for your health
Photo Booth
Capture fun selfies and photos event.
Thermal Scan
Temperature monitoring and notifying when the temperature is too high.
Robot Guide
Show information at the marking spot through tablet.
Navigation System
Navigate guest through the destination room after registered.
Photo Booth
Step in front of Robot Photo Booth and capture fun selfies and photos event on robot with the Photo booth app.
Robot Queue and restaurant reservation
Trafalgar provides progrssive, and affordable healthcare, accessible on moblie and online for everyone. To us, it's not just work. We take pride in the solutions we deliver
Robot Guide
Impressing visitors and clients with digital direcories are a good way of promoting tour establishment. This is used to guide customers in thier desired destination. Able to command the robot to walk along the way and show information, easy for staff to command through their tablet.
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